Your Language Arts teacher may assign specific elements of this module to you OR you may complete them on your own, just for fun!
"The Tell-Tale Heart"Poe is the inventor of the detective story, father of the psychological thriller and a master American poet.


Open 'OAA Practice' and print off the practice assessment. Remember to READ THE OAA PRACTICE QUESTIONS FIRST, before reading "The Tell-Tale Heart". It is important to read the questions first so that you can be fully engaged in the reading. Next, open 'Edgar Allen Poe' and read Poe's famous short story "The Tell-Tale Heart". I would encourage you to print the reading so you can make notes as you read. After you have taken the practice assessment be sure to turn in the practice sheet to your language arts teacher so they can discuss your results with you.

Self-Guided Study

The study guide below will focus on three things:
1.) Literary Skills: Understanding the narrator; understand irony
2.) Reading Skills: Preview the story
3.) Vocabulary Skills: Identify synonyms