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Your Language Arts teacher may assign specific elements of this module to you OR you may complete them on your own, just for fun!

"Perseus and Medusa"
In this module you will be asked to:
1.) Complete a 'Story Map' graphic organizer as you read "Perseus and Medusa".
2.) Watch a cartoon version of the myth.
3.) Brainstorm possible ides for writing your own myth. You will need to complete the 'Wheel and Spoke Diagram' graphic organizer.4.) Outline your story by completing a 'Story Map' graphic organizer for your own short story.5.) Write your story!

Before reading the story of Perseus and Medusa, watch the video below. The video will review the five elements needed in a short story: Setting, Plot, Character, Theme/Moral, and Conflict. You will need to be familiar with these terms in order to complete the required activities.

Watch the video below to review the five essential elements needed in a short story.

Read the story of "Perseus and Medusa" and complete the 'Story Map'.

After you have read the story and completed the 'Story Map' you may click on the link below to watch the story of "Perseus and Medusa". After you open the page select Flash Version, after the program loads click Navigate, and then select Storytime. At this point you can watch any of the four stories. When you complete the entire module you may revisit this site to watch all of the stories and explore the other available activities.

Myth Cartoons

Now that you have read and watched a few different myths it is time for you to get creative! You will be writing your own myth! First, choose a moral or theme to tackle and then brainstorm some possible explanations. Complete the 'Wheel and Spoke Diagram' graphic organizer. In the center circle write down a moral or theme. For example, you may write curiosity, joy, earthquakes, etc. In the outside boxes, jot down possible explanations. After you have brainstormed some possible ideas complete a 'Story Map' for your myth. Finally, WRITE YOUR MYTH! Be sure to edit, re-edit, and peer edit! Have fun and push the limits of your creativity!